Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Commission EVER ;_;

Peignons! This is a sort of commissioned painting for my friend from U of T (sort of cuz I'm giving it to her for free; I'm not accepting money cuz I'm stupid). :) She asked for a supah lovey painting with lyrics/words incorporated into it and I came up with THIS

Yes, it is based off a photo.
I found it on, and unfortunately I lost the URL but I wanna give them credit anyways. :) This painting took me about a year to finish, aieaieeee...I only worked on it during summer break and I basically restarted it this summer. If I get over my laziness, I'll update this blog post with a series of pictures of my progression through this super fun painting.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy it; the recipient definitely does. :D There are so many mistakes in there but me being a growing artist, it would take an eternity to fix them all as I see them, so I call this painting DONE. Until next time!!

I'm such a lazy when it comes to taking proper photos of artwork. D: Bad Melissa, bad!!!