Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yet another self portrait. WIP!

Inspired by a certain song, I decided to take on the task of digital for reals. Normally my digital art is really simple in colouring, and I have attempted real digital painting before YEARS ago and the final result was good, though embarassing today considering my skill.

Just to keep up with the blog and everything, I decided to share the line/sketchwork with y'all. :) If you notice anything weird or different, feel free to poke me in the eye and TELL ME because you know how we artists sometimes miss flaws in our own work. Actually, it already looks kinda weird in places now that I'm uploading it to blogger......LOL
(yes, it's based off a picture [a video still actually] and...oh, it's currently flipped the wrong way)

In other news, I am recovering from a brief sickness which has resulted in me having no voice. I'm really sad because I can't sing now...and I love singing when I'm working on things. Sigh! I either sound like a man or a 40 year smoker now...alors, je vais arrêter de parler car personne devrait être permis d'entendre cela.

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Shady Shankers! (what, what)

Haha, it's time for Frosh at U of T again, and I kinda got into the spirit, seeing as Randal goes there. This year I got to help out PLENTY and it *almost* makes me wish I went to U of T too. Sheridan doesn't have frosh week (as far as I know). Lame!

Anyhoo, I doodled this up today and coloured it très halfassed. :) Oh I loooove non direct lightsources (not)! I need to get more serious with my digital painting, but I like real paint so much more. :3 Oh yeah, and it's a drawing of the frosh group Randal is a part of: the Shady Shankers! Cool name, huh. Check em out dressed up as Hawk Girl, Green Lantern, The Flash and Green Arrow!!

I wanna be a hero too. :(