Friday, October 16, 2009

Moi, j'esquisse.

(for my friendly friends viewing this on facebook, this is a post from my blog! Come visit :D

I love chilling out at school doing work after class.

After hanging out with Rainie and peeps (haha, sorry guys), I remembered how much I want to be in their class ;_; LOL! And also, I was inspired to do some more sketches and improve, improve, improve. No matter what anyone says, there is always room for improvement and it doesn't have to be "bad": it's FUN! :)

So while on the bus, I drew what was in front of me and I also made up that weird looking lady on the right side of the page. I WANNA say she's caricatured because she is sorta (not pushed enough imo to be a caricature) but I didn't get to look at her much because someone was blocking her face from my view, so it was almost just a drawing from my head.

I should also mention that Randal has also inspired me because he is artful even though he won't admit it. HE GAVE ME CRITICISM THE OTHER DAY AND IT WAS AMAZING. AMAZING. A.MAZ.ING.

Lol I feel kinda dorky for only having one sketchbook page. Sure I have lots more.......oops I turned off my camera WELL I GUESS I BETTER GET BACK TO WORK! -runs away-

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Paint x 13

So recently I just finished 13 paintings due for my (guess) painting class yesterday, and I am PAINTED OUT! :P I had fun doing those paintings, and 3 of them (the biggest ones) are currently being marked. The other 10 are a part of a "daily painting" series that will eventually have 20 paintings in the whole set. All 20 of those paintings will be/are done in oils! Joy joy! And I LOVE using dirty brushes so solvent? Hellz no. I only use it when my brushes get reeaaaally grimy, and I'm using old ones I was gonna throw out anyways, so that kinda saves me from inhaling bad fumes, since I paint in my room and all. Um. Yeah lemme grab my camera and take a picture of these suckas...

While I was taking pics, I remembered I had taken these "progress" snaps as well, so I might as well put 'em here too. Those are the portraits I was working on over the span of 4 days. The one with the little girl got 3 days, and the one of my boyfriend? Like ONE. Hahaha! Twas a dramatic time but I'm glad I managed to finish them both.

Our family is having a Birthday/Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow which I am definitely not looking forward to, and not because it's not MY birthday, but there's so much stuff I wanna get done while I have the time. :) I hope to put up some of my portfolio sketches by the beginning of November. Until then, well...maybe I'll get the 3 paintings back by the end of October so I can upload those too! :D Oh, and I definitely need a CSS design going on for this blog. I'm thinking about it, I promise!

Peignons peignons peignons peignons peignonsssssssssssssssss
Et bien sûr, dessinons aussi. J'ai pas le temps pour être paresseux! ...euh...faire une poste ne compte pas. Je travaille. >_>