Saturday, October 10, 2009

Paint x 13

So recently I just finished 13 paintings due for my (guess) painting class yesterday, and I am PAINTED OUT! :P I had fun doing those paintings, and 3 of them (the biggest ones) are currently being marked. The other 10 are a part of a "daily painting" series that will eventually have 20 paintings in the whole set. All 20 of those paintings will be/are done in oils! Joy joy! And I LOVE using dirty brushes so solvent? Hellz no. I only use it when my brushes get reeaaaally grimy, and I'm using old ones I was gonna throw out anyways, so that kinda saves me from inhaling bad fumes, since I paint in my room and all. Um. Yeah lemme grab my camera and take a picture of these suckas...

While I was taking pics, I remembered I had taken these "progress" snaps as well, so I might as well put 'em here too. Those are the portraits I was working on over the span of 4 days. The one with the little girl got 3 days, and the one of my boyfriend? Like ONE. Hahaha! Twas a dramatic time but I'm glad I managed to finish them both.

Our family is having a Birthday/Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow which I am definitely not looking forward to, and not because it's not MY birthday, but there's so much stuff I wanna get done while I have the time. :) I hope to put up some of my portfolio sketches by the beginning of November. Until then, well...maybe I'll get the 3 paintings back by the end of October so I can upload those too! :D Oh, and I definitely need a CSS design going on for this blog. I'm thinking about it, I promise!

Peignons peignons peignons peignons peignonsssssssssssssssss
Et bien sûr, dessinons aussi. J'ai pas le temps pour être paresseux! ...euh...faire une poste ne compte pas. Je travaille. >_>

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