Monday, November 15, 2010

Swim, Jellyfish!

After countless hours doing and redoing this S and C curve exercise, I finally came up with a jellyfish that I like. :) If there's anything I could change, it would be the pace of the background pan, or even just the background itself (since it's basically just a blue gradient, lol)! Hope you like! :)

Oh, and please excuse the quality. Youtube, you know.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

You know the drill: Balloon, Pendulum and SKETCHES yay!

CONTINUATION OF LAST POST! I had to separate this post into two because of my lovely coding issues that I have no time to fix until school is out. :)

Also, here are some sketches for my character design assignment. Them pencil lines are courtesy of Enzo himself; maybe if someone stumbles across this, they will learn from my drawings (blue) and his corrections (pencil)! *_* THAT WOULD BE SO NIIIICEEE

Oh, and her name is Shaniqua. Need I say more?

Sorry about the cut-offs. I'M A TERRIBLE PERSON BOOHOOO :'(

You know the drill: Bouncing Ball & Bowling Ball

ARRR, HERE THEY BE! All youtube'd and stuff. AND I *JUST* noticed the bowling ball is missing frames in the first bounce (and yes, I drew them). I must have been really staring at the video for a while to not have noticed it while I was shooting...:(

To deal with current coding issues I have (I won't have time to look into them until summer), I have to separate this post into parts. Sorry if I may be spamming people!

Monday, October 11, 2010


It's Monday now! But it's okay because this weekend was THANKSGIVING (happy turkey to all, and to all a good night) so not posting yesterday is a-ooookay. Haha! I have lots of sketches to share. :)
First off on the left is my regular bus sketches. They're actually very boring to me, because I've been bus sketching since 2008-2009 and 90% of the time, I get profiles and backs of heads. Bleh! However, this time you may notice that I did manage to get someone from 3/4 view. :D Also, top right is a new character of mine. She's totally Zelda inspired! I'm not sure what to do with her yet though. 

In the middle is a couple of sketches I did during the Leafs opening game, WHICH WE WON BY THE WAY! BOW TO MY ELITE CROPPING AND ASSEMBLING SKILLS! Oh, and there's a baseball player in there too. I'm just going to say it was a Twin because I hate on the Yanks, even if they owned that series. :(

On the right is a few more bus sketches actually, but they were just done..on the bus lol. In the second one, I'm falling asleep on a random gangsta and his gangsta friend is all "YEEEE", just thought I should make that clear...haha

THENNN to the left, I have my GOOD MORNING storyboard assignment! I did awesomely awesome on it, but I personally wish I had more time to perfect it. (durrr my first year perfectionism is showinggg)
Finally, my character rotation below! Since I was busy trying extra hard on all my other assignments, I never got a chance to fix my slothy's foot placement and I did the cleanup during class time. Sooo it's average, but I enjoy it! I hope you say "awwww" when you see him!

GAH and that's all! What a long blog post (long post = my coding errors show LOL)! Animations are coming soon, and whenever I get my egg painting back, that'll probably be up too...DEUCES. Oh, and don't forget to eat every crumb of your stuffing, because I didn't get any! D:

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Only the Truly Dedicated go to School on the Weekend

Story of my life.

I wanna keep up with weekly updates though, so here's my title page for digital tools! I wanted to change my damned oval eyes and round nose business, but I never got the chance, what with all the homework I have and everything. <3

Lately, I've been refining the infamous Bouncing Ball/Bowling Ball/Balloon/Pendulum assignment. It's a real (fun!) PAIN in the buttocks, wallet and possibly wrist, but I do wish I could spend forever just making it perfect.

...okay, maybe not forever, but some kind of substantial time, you know? It's like what they told us at the beginning of the year: "Animations are never finished, just abandoned."

Thinking of abandoned animations makes me feel so sad.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bring 'em Out, Bring 'em Out

Bring 'em out, bring 'em out, it's hard to yell with the col-erase in yo' mouth~

Please excuse my T.I. obsession while viewing chosen sketches of the last little bit.

An explanation from left to right, top to bottom:

  1.  Some girl on the bus with an awesome nose
  2. Tracee Ellis Ross (too much Girlfriends, omg...the character Joan is so annoying sometimes)
  3.  A large woman (FUN TO DRAW!), a not-so-large woman and what looks like an arm that I decided to crop...
  4. Sketches from various dancehall videos. The girl in the bottom left totally wrecked the whole thing and isn't actually from a REAL dancehall music video, lol. And the dude is Luda!
  5. Biggie and Tupac! I did bigger versions first, but I like the small, quickly drawn ones better.
  6. Some Sikh guy! I dunno why I liked that sketch so much, maybe because it's blue.
  7. Some people standing in line to buy bus tickets. That line was actually ridiculously fast; I'd look at someone, look at my paper, look back up and they'd already be at the front of the line! CA-RAY-ZAY
Soooo, that's that for this week's blog post, methinks. <3 Animation is great fun so far, I'm really enjoying it! I have like, first year first semester jitters though, and I feel like overachieving on every assignment. I don't know if any future first years will ever read this in time, but it's kind of crazy to do that - not that there is anything wrong with trying amazingly hard and being ambitious, OH HEAVENS NO! When I say overachieving, I mean not ever being satisfied with what I have, and constantly trying to edit and perfect.

Sometimes, you gotta know what your capacity is and you have to give yourself a time limit. I have learned this fairly quickly, otherwise I'd be seriously behind on all of my assignments. Maybe I should apply this to my personal projects too! <3 They say quality over quantity, but in this case, the more you practice, the better you get. SO BUST OUT THOSE DRAWINGS!

P.S. I'm linked through! WHAT? HOW? WHENNN?! Ils pensent que ce blog est Français...lolllll oh Internet. So funny. :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Summer Presents

Ah yes. While I'm here, I guess I will share the two major traditional pieces I did over the summer!

Both are done on cold press watercolour paper, and are a mixture of water colour pencil crayons, water colour PAINT (ahh!) and gouache. They were both lots of fun to do, and the guys I drew them for really like them. :)

Kevin Durant! Cam kind of messed with the contrast it seems. I really like how the skin tones came out!
Maurice Jones-Drew! His leg was weird in the photo too, but I love how his jersey came out.


Hey everyone!

It is so good to have a new layout. I have been jumping around from default template to default template for far too long! It only took the entire summer, but HERE IT IS, FINALLY, CHOCK FULL OF ERRORS!


Yeah. Long story short, I haven't learned all the blogger tags (what the hell is <b:if>? And DOLLAR SIGNS?) so to make this, I had to take an existing custom template similar to mine, and then plop all of my design elements into it. It was probably harder than just learning the damn blogger tags because it left me with errors in code and javascript I didn't write, nor am able to access! Don't ask me how that's possible, I'm baffled as it isssss~!

So anyway, I don't think that you guys will be seeing any major problems, but I do apologize if you do AND would appreciate you telling me about it. People that use IE 6, don't even bother - I already know it randomly tries to resize the banner even though it is a fixed size. Upgrade to a browser that works properly! <3

As always, thanks for dropping by. Animation is amazing BY THE WAY, and now that my blog is custom and hopefully memorable (which = more traffic YAY), I'll be updating as much as possible. I have lots of big plans and little ones...we'll see how things go!

Et bien, pense que je vais continuer mes petits paragraphes en Français aussi car...j'en ai besoin. Pour une bilingue, je suis tellement FOB :P

Saturday, July 17, 2010

T.I. and a duppy! WHAT?!

WOW, a digital painting that Melissa actually finished?!?!?!

Um...yeah-no. It was actually supposed to be in colour! I figured that I should really practice my values so I decided to start off this digi painting as a greyscale. It was no big deal, and I learned that I'm pretty good at figuring out values (yes, this is from a reference photo; yes, it was in colour; NO, I did not cheat and click "desaturate")! I'm actually mad at myself for using black in the background. I originally put it there just as a kind of barrier, but then, since I tend to use very little layers, going back over the black was too scary.

ANYWAYS, the reason why this isn't in colour is because my original plan to overlay and multiply colours over top FAILED SO HARD! Plus I was getting to the point of boredom with it, so I decided to call it done. Working from photos isn't really fun for me.

T.I. has some nicely shaped eyebrows, I must say. But you know who has weird eyebrows? 

BOO! His eyebrows are like constantly worried, what the heck! Then again, it's kind of cuter than the original mad face. I was afraid of the big blue boo when I was a kid, but I digress. 

People that know me know that I like to draw randomness. This is no exception.

If you don't get it, look up the term and get some Jamaican friends! Chuh!! 
*Before I go, a blog design update note: it was coming along, and then I decided to change the ENTIRE colour scheme, LOL. This is the torture I give myself all the time: indecisiveness.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Reflection and a Preview.

This summer has really been slim pickins for jobs, but I'm not too concerned. I've been really using this extra free time to reflect on myself, rearrange my goals and basically just set everything on the right track.

The fact that I got into Animation still baffles me (in a good way), and I am very grateful for all that has happened to me these past three years. Soon, I will be getting an Advanced Diploma in the mail; REAL credentials that I am a REAL artist now, and in four years, I will be getting a Degree in Animation! I have to say it couldn't turn out any better than this, except maybe winning the lottery so I would have essentially a free post secondary education...but I digress.

I really want to thank everyone that believed in me. You guys know who you are. I appreciate everything that you've done for me, and I will make you guys proud. :) Also, thanks to the couple of people that helped me out on my preliminary work; I know you guys were secretly stressing out about where I was standing completion-wise on my portfolio at the time, even though I was confident that everything would turn out good in the end (up to the night before handing it in, oh my goodness was I ever freaking out).

For those who did not believe, I don't think that a thanks is appropriate, lol. But neither is an "EFF YOU I GOT IN!". This is the real world, and we're all competing now. No matter what, from this point forward, people are going to look at our work and say one thing to our faces, and another thing behind our backs. It is the nature of things, and only the people with a true professional attitude will get through it all. Some may say that we're still in school and it shouldn't be like that, but what is school for? To learn what? How to deal with the real world. This is PREP; if you're going to whine that school should have zero competitive atmosphere and be all "learn learn learn!" then go back to high school, because you are not ready.

So that's what I've been doing since April 23rd; getting ready for some seeerious competition.

I've also been just rethinking things in general: my goals, my friendships and my self, personality-wise. I know that through this blog post I'm pretty much just typing to cyberspace, but I'll just go on anyway because I like writing blogs. :P Throughout the majority of my life, I have been a chameleon (fun fact: because of this, I was considering renaming this blog to 'chameleon' as I had a design made for a business project...that redesign thing by the way? STILL PENDING). I find it hard to fit in, it's been like that since I changed schools in grade 5, so I usually resort to moulding myself to fit whoever I am hanging out with. Because of this, I ended up losing who I really was, so this summer, I've been defining that.

I think it's necessary to do so because in turn, it will also define my art and make it stand out. Being memorable is key in the art world, as my former business teacher taught me.

I certainly hope that anyone who stumbles upon my blog will remember me. :) Here is a preview of a piece I'm currently working on!

This preview is actually from April, HAHAHA. At this very moment, the entire thing is nearly done, I just have a few details and extras to add in. From this, I have learned two things:

1. I cannot finish something halfway or I will never get it done, which is precisely what happened here - half done in April and it's almost June!

2. I actually HATE painting digitally. I have little patience for it because blending takes too long for me; I prefer real paint. That's pretty much the only reason though naturally the more I paint digitally, the better I'll get at blending, and HOPEFULLY the more I will enjoy it.

You guys thought I was joking about "paint yourself as a superhero/villain"? Think again.

That's enough rambling for now I think. T'as lu tout ça? Merci et à bientôt! :) J'ai beaucoup à partager avec toi.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! (it hasn't actually hit me yet so...expect a proper YAY...maybe :P)

So I realized that I keep promising things that I never follow up on, lmao.

Now maybe I will start keeping my word. :D

In other news, my boyfriend is obviously the sexiest thing on the planet, like omgadddd, just yesterday he got hit on 900000000x times lololololololol OH obvs I kicked all them girls' behinds >:(
(translation: Randal doodles to keep you entertained for like 5 minutes)

Saturday, January 16, 2010



:D <3

P.S. I'm also doing a Web Design "portfolio" this year so a blog redesign may happen within the next couple of months if I feel like it. Waow!