Saturday, July 17, 2010

T.I. and a duppy! WHAT?!

WOW, a digital painting that Melissa actually finished?!?!?!

Um...yeah-no. It was actually supposed to be in colour! I figured that I should really practice my values so I decided to start off this digi painting as a greyscale. It was no big deal, and I learned that I'm pretty good at figuring out values (yes, this is from a reference photo; yes, it was in colour; NO, I did not cheat and click "desaturate")! I'm actually mad at myself for using black in the background. I originally put it there just as a kind of barrier, but then, since I tend to use very little layers, going back over the black was too scary.

ANYWAYS, the reason why this isn't in colour is because my original plan to overlay and multiply colours over top FAILED SO HARD! Plus I was getting to the point of boredom with it, so I decided to call it done. Working from photos isn't really fun for me.

T.I. has some nicely shaped eyebrows, I must say. But you know who has weird eyebrows? 

BOO! His eyebrows are like constantly worried, what the heck! Then again, it's kind of cuter than the original mad face. I was afraid of the big blue boo when I was a kid, but I digress. 

People that know me know that I like to draw randomness. This is no exception.

If you don't get it, look up the term and get some Jamaican friends! Chuh!! 
*Before I go, a blog design update note: it was coming along, and then I decided to change the ENTIRE colour scheme, LOL. This is the torture I give myself all the time: indecisiveness.