Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bring 'em Out, Bring 'em Out

Bring 'em out, bring 'em out, it's hard to yell with the col-erase in yo' mouth~

Please excuse my T.I. obsession while viewing chosen sketches of the last little bit.

An explanation from left to right, top to bottom:

  1.  Some girl on the bus with an awesome nose
  2. Tracee Ellis Ross (too much Girlfriends, omg...the character Joan is so annoying sometimes)
  3.  A large woman (FUN TO DRAW!), a not-so-large woman and what looks like an arm that I decided to crop...
  4. Sketches from various dancehall videos. The girl in the bottom left totally wrecked the whole thing and isn't actually from a REAL dancehall music video, lol. And the dude is Luda!
  5. Biggie and Tupac! I did bigger versions first, but I like the small, quickly drawn ones better.
  6. Some Sikh guy! I dunno why I liked that sketch so much, maybe because it's blue.
  7. Some people standing in line to buy bus tickets. That line was actually ridiculously fast; I'd look at someone, look at my paper, look back up and they'd already be at the front of the line! CA-RAY-ZAY
Soooo, that's that for this week's blog post, methinks. <3 Animation is great fun so far, I'm really enjoying it! I have like, first year first semester jitters though, and I feel like overachieving on every assignment. I don't know if any future first years will ever read this in time, but it's kind of crazy to do that - not that there is anything wrong with trying amazingly hard and being ambitious, OH HEAVENS NO! When I say overachieving, I mean not ever being satisfied with what I have, and constantly trying to edit and perfect.

Sometimes, you gotta know what your capacity is and you have to give yourself a time limit. I have learned this fairly quickly, otherwise I'd be seriously behind on all of my assignments. Maybe I should apply this to my personal projects too! <3 They say quality over quantity, but in this case, the more you practice, the better you get. SO BUST OUT THOSE DRAWINGS!

P.S. I'm linked through! WHAT? HOW? WHENNN?! Ils pensent que ce blog est Fran├žais...lolllll oh Internet. So funny. :)

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