Sunday, September 19, 2010


Hey everyone!

It is so good to have a new layout. I have been jumping around from default template to default template for far too long! It only took the entire summer, but HERE IT IS, FINALLY, CHOCK FULL OF ERRORS!


Yeah. Long story short, I haven't learned all the blogger tags (what the hell is <b:if>? And DOLLAR SIGNS?) so to make this, I had to take an existing custom template similar to mine, and then plop all of my design elements into it. It was probably harder than just learning the damn blogger tags because it left me with errors in code and javascript I didn't write, nor am able to access! Don't ask me how that's possible, I'm baffled as it isssss~!

So anyway, I don't think that you guys will be seeing any major problems, but I do apologize if you do AND would appreciate you telling me about it. People that use IE 6, don't even bother - I already know it randomly tries to resize the banner even though it is a fixed size. Upgrade to a browser that works properly! <3

As always, thanks for dropping by. Animation is amazing BY THE WAY, and now that my blog is custom and hopefully memorable (which = more traffic YAY), I'll be updating as much as possible. I have lots of big plans and little ones...we'll see how things go!

Et bien, pense que je vais continuer mes petits paragraphes en Fran├žais aussi car...j'en ai besoin. Pour une bilingue, je suis tellement FOB :P

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