Thursday, October 28, 2010

You know the drill: Balloon, Pendulum and SKETCHES yay!

CONTINUATION OF LAST POST! I had to separate this post into two because of my lovely coding issues that I have no time to fix until school is out. :)

Also, here are some sketches for my character design assignment. Them pencil lines are courtesy of Enzo himself; maybe if someone stumbles across this, they will learn from my drawings (blue) and his corrections (pencil)! *_* THAT WOULD BE SO NIIIICEEE

Oh, and her name is Shaniqua. Need I say more?

Sorry about the cut-offs. I'M A TERRIBLE PERSON BOOHOOO :'(

You know the drill: Bouncing Ball & Bowling Ball

ARRR, HERE THEY BE! All youtube'd and stuff. AND I *JUST* noticed the bowling ball is missing frames in the first bounce (and yes, I drew them). I must have been really staring at the video for a while to not have noticed it while I was shooting...:(

To deal with current coding issues I have (I won't have time to look into them until summer), I have to separate this post into parts. Sorry if I may be spamming people!

Monday, October 11, 2010


It's Monday now! But it's okay because this weekend was THANKSGIVING (happy turkey to all, and to all a good night) so not posting yesterday is a-ooookay. Haha! I have lots of sketches to share. :)
First off on the left is my regular bus sketches. They're actually very boring to me, because I've been bus sketching since 2008-2009 and 90% of the time, I get profiles and backs of heads. Bleh! However, this time you may notice that I did manage to get someone from 3/4 view. :D Also, top right is a new character of mine. She's totally Zelda inspired! I'm not sure what to do with her yet though. 

In the middle is a couple of sketches I did during the Leafs opening game, WHICH WE WON BY THE WAY! BOW TO MY ELITE CROPPING AND ASSEMBLING SKILLS! Oh, and there's a baseball player in there too. I'm just going to say it was a Twin because I hate on the Yanks, even if they owned that series. :(

On the right is a few more bus sketches actually, but they were just done..on the bus lol. In the second one, I'm falling asleep on a random gangsta and his gangsta friend is all "YEEEE", just thought I should make that clear...haha

THENNN to the left, I have my GOOD MORNING storyboard assignment! I did awesomely awesome on it, but I personally wish I had more time to perfect it. (durrr my first year perfectionism is showinggg)
Finally, my character rotation below! Since I was busy trying extra hard on all my other assignments, I never got a chance to fix my slothy's foot placement and I did the cleanup during class time. Sooo it's average, but I enjoy it! I hope you say "awwww" when you see him!

GAH and that's all! What a long blog post (long post = my coding errors show LOL)! Animations are coming soon, and whenever I get my egg painting back, that'll probably be up too...DEUCES. Oh, and don't forget to eat every crumb of your stuffing, because I didn't get any! D:

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Only the Truly Dedicated go to School on the Weekend

Story of my life.

I wanna keep up with weekly updates though, so here's my title page for digital tools! I wanted to change my damned oval eyes and round nose business, but I never got the chance, what with all the homework I have and everything. <3

Lately, I've been refining the infamous Bouncing Ball/Bowling Ball/Balloon/Pendulum assignment. It's a real (fun!) PAIN in the buttocks, wallet and possibly wrist, but I do wish I could spend forever just making it perfect.

...okay, maybe not forever, but some kind of substantial time, you know? It's like what they told us at the beginning of the year: "Animations are never finished, just abandoned."

Thinking of abandoned animations makes me feel so sad.