Monday, October 11, 2010


It's Monday now! But it's okay because this weekend was THANKSGIVING (happy turkey to all, and to all a good night) so not posting yesterday is a-ooookay. Haha! I have lots of sketches to share. :)
First off on the left is my regular bus sketches. They're actually very boring to me, because I've been bus sketching since 2008-2009 and 90% of the time, I get profiles and backs of heads. Bleh! However, this time you may notice that I did manage to get someone from 3/4 view. :D Also, top right is a new character of mine. She's totally Zelda inspired! I'm not sure what to do with her yet though. 

In the middle is a couple of sketches I did during the Leafs opening game, WHICH WE WON BY THE WAY! BOW TO MY ELITE CROPPING AND ASSEMBLING SKILLS! Oh, and there's a baseball player in there too. I'm just going to say it was a Twin because I hate on the Yanks, even if they owned that series. :(

On the right is a few more bus sketches actually, but they were just done..on the bus lol. In the second one, I'm falling asleep on a random gangsta and his gangsta friend is all "YEEEE", just thought I should make that clear...haha

THENNN to the left, I have my GOOD MORNING storyboard assignment! I did awesomely awesome on it, but I personally wish I had more time to perfect it. (durrr my first year perfectionism is showinggg)
Finally, my character rotation below! Since I was busy trying extra hard on all my other assignments, I never got a chance to fix my slothy's foot placement and I did the cleanup during class time. Sooo it's average, but I enjoy it! I hope you say "awwww" when you see him!

GAH and that's all! What a long blog post (long post = my coding errors show LOL)! Animations are coming soon, and whenever I get my egg painting back, that'll probably be up too...DEUCES. Oh, and don't forget to eat every crumb of your stuffing, because I didn't get any! D:

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