Saturday, October 2, 2010

Only the Truly Dedicated go to School on the Weekend

Story of my life.

I wanna keep up with weekly updates though, so here's my title page for digital tools! I wanted to change my damned oval eyes and round nose business, but I never got the chance, what with all the homework I have and everything. <3

Lately, I've been refining the infamous Bouncing Ball/Bowling Ball/Balloon/Pendulum assignment. It's a real (fun!) PAIN in the buttocks, wallet and possibly wrist, but I do wish I could spend forever just making it perfect.

...okay, maybe not forever, but some kind of substantial time, you know? It's like what they told us at the beginning of the year: "Animations are never finished, just abandoned."

Thinking of abandoned animations makes me feel so sad.


Rosemary Travale said...

Yeah it's kind of crazy to think of all the work we'll have done by the time our four years is up!


Melissa said...


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