Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy 2011!

So I was supposed to sleep ages ago, and I was legitimately tired...but then I had this intense urge to draw, and I just drew and drew for the past 3 hours (it is now 4:30 am). I got one pretty cool sketch out of it; it's a girl! I um...I really like drawing girls. I don't know, something about the glamorous poses and the curvy lines is so much fun! Glamorous men look like women to me~
Drew this while listening to Red Lipstick by Trey Songz.
I dunno where the Ariel hair came to play though!
I also have 2 paintings from class that I quickly snapped craphotos of: my first painting of the school year (egg) and one of the last paintings of the semester (master copy: SAMURAI JACK!). I have come a long way in painting, although these first two show a skill decrease in my opinion. :/ HAHA! Nah, really, painting a sphere is very easy for me because my art teachers in high school made me do them quite often (thanks guys!). Backgrounds are new territory. <3
Blech. Glare! I'll scan this another time.


cat attack said...

these are great!! i adore that mastercopy you did - soooo nice! and i envy your ability to draw girls. girls are my weak point when it comes to characters. which is incredibly ironic. but they always end up looking like men in drag. -.-

Melissa said...

Thanks Cat! :D I kind of suck at drawing guys meself because I give them such feminine poses, LOL!

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