Thursday, May 5, 2011


I finally changed my horribly dark colour scheme WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I always knew there was something bugging me about it, and I figured it out (twas giving off the wroooong mood). I have now an intensely bright, light and 200% girlier colour scheme! X_X It only took me 2 days to do the change this time rather than an entire summer, since I modded a blogger template instead of coding the entire thing meself. It's cool I guess...I may change it around a few more times through the summer months. I really wanted to get some green in here...

My insecurities aside, here are some scribbles and things I've been busting out on a more or less daily basis! Most of it is me experimenting with caricaturing. I really hope to get good at it by the end of summer, among other things! :)

Me and my lovely; still gotta
push caricatures further!
The original banner. :P Kitty's final
design is still being worked on!
Thumbnail version of a caricature
that I liked more than the final!

One of the first caricatures I did this
summer. >:( Line rhythmmm

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