Monday, October 3, 2011

Sketchbook Dump!

Hey! Here's a giant image of a bunch of stuff from my sketchbook from around August till now! :) Got all kinds of doodles, attempted caricatures and just people drawing in general. Due to the fact that my commute almost always guarantees me waiting around Square One for 30 mins, I try to fill at least a page a day.

Also, you may notice I have now added a Tumblr link up on the navigation bar! Yes, I do have a tumblr page now! I am using it for many reasons: one, so that visitors will never be like "GRRR I hate blogger, why doesn't she have __", and two, so that I have a space to throw all of my sketchbook work and doodles. I'm still posting the good stuff up on dis heeere 'blogspot', but the REALLY silly sketchy stuff? Throwing it up there.

Aaand now time for sleep, good night~

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