Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Randy Moss Tribute piece

MANNNNNNN OH MAN. I'm so glad I'm finally done this thing.

After having worked on and off on this (mostly off) since last summer, when Randy Moss announced that he was retiring from football, I'm super glad that I was able to FINALLY sit down and just truck through the rest of it. 

Tis a blend of Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop! And yes, I used photo reference. Big ups to the photographer; if I knew who you were, I'd actually say your name.


The whole reason why I wanted to do this is because Randy Moss is one of my all-time favourite football players. I started watching football in the '07 season (NOOB ALERT) and I was brought directly into the Patriots fandom. I remember not understanding at ALL what was going on, but always seeing this guy making catches. Randy Moss made the Patriots, to me, look like a team that was just efficient. They executed and got great results...I mean, 16-0 was RIDICULOUS enough on its own, imagine when that's your first year ever watching the Patriots. I was smitten by this team since, you know, I come from Toronto, and well...we don't win a lot of stuff. I'm usually happy if our respective teams even get to dip their toes in the playoff water. But THIS TEAM? Constant greatness. Hearing "Randy Moss" over and over again, game after game, he became a quick favourite because I actually knew his name (LOL), and of course because of his great skill as an athlete.

When he went to the Vikings, I was so sad! I knew that the Pats had big things planned, and I had faith that Moss would do well there, so I wasn't too irked. When he ended up leaving the Vikings, twas the seed of my dislike for the Vikings, haha! Believe me, if I'm ever watching a game with the Vikings, I'll be rooting for the other team...unless it's the Jets, or the Giants of course. (I'm not serious omg, legit sports fans don't kill me)

This season, Moss is coming back to play for the 49ers (hopefully) and I'm SO excited. I hope he resumes to wowing everyone with his magnet hands and all-star catches, and that the Patriots of course have another awesome season this year. 

Oh yeah! So this painting...it has a lot of sentimental value for me, and I just wanted to paint it to show my appreciation for one of the first all-star football players I've ever watched and cheered for. :) Damn was it tough though. I definitely learned a lot while doing this, and watched my drawing skill grow as I had to go back and fix a lot of big fundamental drawing problems (any that remain now, I am srs too lazy to fix bahah).

If you actually read all of that, props to you! Just looking at it all is making even me not want to re-read it. 


Izzy said...

this is awesome Melissa!

Melissa said...

Thanks Izzy! <3 (like 500 years later, lol)

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