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My name is Melissa and I've wanted to be an animator since before I was born! I used to say "since I was 5 and watched The Lion King every day 20 million times", but my parents recently told me I did the same thing with a bunch of other Disney movies when I was even YOUNGER. Now I'm not sure of anything, so to be on the safe side...I've wanted to be an animator since I was a fetus.

I've always loved drawing, but it took until high school for me to really chase after my dreams. After years of skill honing, I find myself in animation school, still skill honing. And I will be skill honing for many years to come! One of the greatest joys in life is that there is always something new to learn. For instance, now you just learned more about me! Isn't that awesome? ...what? Oh. Well...I thought it was cool! :D

Anyway, this blog is a record of my journey through college and as a budding artist. I hope that you enjoy flipping through my process as much as I do experiencing it!